Lorence for Liberty
Something different.

Representing YOU in Michigan’s 4th Congressional District. Lorence is committed to making the world a better place to live for us all. 

Vote for Lorence Wenke on November 8.

Working for you

A congressman who will work for you rather than himself, putting the needs of Michiganders first.

Proven Expertise

A congressman with a proven record of business growth, political success, and job creation.

End of Polarization

Put an end to the Trump era of polarization and political extremism, upholding the Constitution.


If elected, my priorities will be...

Jobs and the economy

Reducing government and public debt

Equal justice for all

Inflation of our dollars

The cost of energy

The issue of crime

The issue of abortion

The issue of guns

The issue of illegal immigration

Unfilled jobs and lack of workers

Vote for Lorence Wenke on November 8
Vote on November 8

Vote for Lorence Wenke if you want...

A message from Lorence

Dear voters,

I am running for the 4th district seat in the U.S. Congress. It would be my honor to represent you and all Michiganders. I want to make Michigan and the rest of our country an attractive, vibrant place to live and work. I desire great schools for our kids with top-notch teachers and facilities, with affordable education across the board. I want safe neighborhoods, fine roads, sound bridges, good paying jobs, first-rate health care for all, and low taxes. Each of us would be fighting for the first place in line if given the opportunity to end homelessness, poverty, child abuse, and mental illness.

How do we make strides to accomplishing all that we desire for our state – for ourselves, our families, our neighbors? That is where we have significant differences.

I find myself looking at the two major political parties and I see incredible division – a seemingly insurmountable chasm. Republicans are accused of being rigid, righteous, and tipping the scales to those who already have wealth and power. Democrats are perceived as too permissive, too quick with the hand-outs, and prone to excess spending. 

I would like to stake a claim on the middle ground. I want to advocate for those who work hard, contribute to their communities, make good choices, and pay their fair share.

We need to address our issues and prioritize. We must demand fairness in regard to who pays. We need balance. We cannot leave our children and grandchildren with a level of debt that can never be erased. I would be honored to have your vote and be your voice in Congress.

– Lorence Wenke

Minimum government.
Maximum freedom.