Most Important Long-Term Issues

USA is losing our position of economic leadership of the world to China.

USA is rapidly increasing our national debt which decreases the value of our dollar.

USA is a major world contributor to climate change.  Half of the fruit and vegetables we grow come from the drought-stricken western states.

USA government functions through Democracy and our system of government is being challenged by some politicians and their followers.

USA is experiencing a crime way which must be stopped before all of us are victims of crime.

USA Federal government has not stopped the continuous assault on citizens by scammers and liars and politicians through our phones and computers.  We citizens have lost faith in each other because of the continuous assault we experience through the abuse of technology and privacy.

The cost of Medicare and Medicaid for our citizens. 

The cost and sources of energy.

Wenke Works for Us

Lorence Wenke takes a stand on the U.S. Capital steps advocating for a balanced budget in 1993

Most Important Short-Term Issues

The cost of living increase in the USA

Inflation of our dollars

The cost of energy

The issue of crime

The issue of abortion

The issue of guns

The issue of illegal immigration

The issue of unfilled jobs and lack of workers


Big Issues

Trump’s false gospel of populism which has lead to political extremism and polarization. My choice to run for congress is like joining the military to defend the country against Trump so he will not come back and continue his damage to Democracy.  

The lack of conservative values like personal responsibility which is “the willingness to both accept the importance of standards that society establishes for individual behavior and to make strenuous personal efforts to live by those standards”.

The disappointing low results of education in America.

The results of unpunished crime in our communities.

The lack of integrity in many sources of political news.

The loyalty of some politicians and voters who choose party over country.

Drought issues – one half of the fruit and vegetable grown in the USA are grown in drought areas.

Scammers on our phone and emails need to be stopped and convicted.

Block robo calls.

Deficit spending by our government with no possibility of repayment.

Support of law enforcement from the local police to the supreme court.


Our system of government through democracy is under attack.


Wenke will fight for issues that matter to you

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